Are your lifts ready for the digital switchover?

The UK telecoms networks are changing…

Openreach is in the process of moving the UK to a fully fibre network and this is unfortunately not good news for autodialers connected to landlines.

The UK telecoms network is undergoing an upgrade, with fibre lines are being rolled out across the country to replace copper lines. This is good news for internet speed, but not for the emergency phones in your lifts.

The vast majority of the lift emergency telephones installed in the UK are analogue, so they require DTMF tones to function correctly. Fibre lines will not transmit these specific frequency tones and they also do not carry power, so during a power-cut the telephone line will fail and leave the emergency telephone useless.

Don’t lose connection! 

Using our DCP* (Digital communication platform) and SIM cards will quickly upgrade your existing Memcom+ autodialers. The DCP can also be used with its accessories as a fully digital solution where required.