Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust Framework Implementation

We’ve been awarded implementation onto the Salford Royal NHS Framework covering their lifting needs.

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trusts accessible accommodation service, executes a cross-tenure disability adaptations service and bulk lift maintenance services, within the boundaries of the City of Salford. The service helps peoples who are in need of practical support due to illness, disability and old age to live at home.

The framework is being implemented to support the delivery of the service. The specification stated the supplier is to provide high-quality supply, installation, and maintenance delivered by trained and qualified engineers. The suppliers will support the accessible accommodation service working to ensure equipment remains fully operational undertake any repairs in a timely manner. The works entailed is to supply, install, service and routine maintenance of lifting equipment.

Our procurement department met the requirements within the tender and we are ecstatic to announce we have been appointed on to the framework.