Lift modernisation project for Catalyst Museum

Another win for our team, Catalyst Museum lift Modernisation on behalf of Halton Borough Council.

Our procurement department completed the tender on behalf of Halton Borough Council for the Catalyst Museum, in brief for the following works:

• Lift drive mechanism/ car operating panel
• Lighting
• Door operating system (power operated two-panel centre opening_
• Piston/Seal works
• Fixtures and fittings
• Associated ancillary
• Works include 12 months maintenance after completion
• External building works due to the underground motor room

The catalyst museum is the only museum in the UK which explores the science and technology behind the chemical industry and its impact on our lives past and present through a host of hands-on exhibits, activities, and demonstrations.

This museum really is one to go and see, and we are excited to be a part of this museum with the modernisation works to be completed by Allied Lifts.