Stepping Hill Hospital Lift Modernisation

The project awarded to Allied Lifts is for lift modernisation on a through the car lift situated on the maternity ward completing the following works:

• Complete controller replacement for either hydraulic / traction.
• Car and landing indicator/push station replacement (Vandal Resistant)
• New Delta NTA2 card for a controller as applicable ( hydraulic lifts only)
• Complete rewire of lift and trailing cables.
• Upgrade lift car lighting units to LED (includes emergency light)
• Replace existing Lambda proximity safe edges to full height 154 beam light ray detectors.
• Car top control unit and terminal box
• Additional stop switches compliance
• Additional safety notices
• A3 uncontrolled movement compliance system for hydraulics
• Governor remote trip and reset as applicable
• Upgrade car door control drive boards (encoder system for improved operation)
• Full load test
• Lift system test and certificate
• Shaft equipment clean down
• O&M manuals
• Return lift into service
• 12 months parts defect only Allied warranty included.

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust runs Stepping Hill Hospital, and other specialist centres, as well as community health services for Stockport.

Their stroke services have been officially ranked as the best in England – and urology and orthopaedic services at Stepping Hill Hospital are highly-rated nationally. They are in the Stockport Together partnership to integrate local health and social care services and deliver more care closer to people’s homes. Stepping Hill Hospital first opened in 1905 and was a military hospital during the First World War who now employ over 5,000 staff and were one of the first NHS trusts in the country to achieve foundation trust status in 2004.

They are a specialist `hub` centre for emergency and high-risk general surgery, one of only four in Greater Manchester and covering the South East sector of their region.