Our customers deserve instant responses at their fingertips

It’s been in the pipeline for a while and we are ready for change….paper copies move over, its PDA time.

We are always innovating and ensuring our customers are receiving real-time information. Implementing the PDA’s allows our client portal to be fully active with real-time information but also all completed attendances can be sent instantly to our customers.

We believe in transparency and the PDA’s allow us to accomplish our goal further. In line with our ISO 14001 – Environmental Management. With the help of PDA’s we can reduce our carbon footprint and reducing our paper wastage is a huge help to our environment. This is our world after all and if we don’t make changes no matter how small – who will?

All our operatives attending site will be fully equipped with the latest smartphone devices, holding the full history of your lift at their fingertips will help fault finding and prevent downtime of equipment. Our operatives have full access to service history, breakdowns and repairs, allowing for a more efficient and effective service.

Our in house team are also fully trained on our lift system and ready to help with any queries our customers may have – always remember a friendly and helpful team member is always at hand.